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Welcome to Boise’s Best Auto Detail. With over 21 years of detailing experience, our experts have worked on every make and model vehicle on the road. Our commitment to quality, and integrity is what makes our business what it is today. Make sure to call us for your free, no obligation quote. We prefer to quote in person so that we can see your project firsthand and get an accurate cost estimate for you. You paid a lot of money for your transportation, protect its exterior finish at all costs.

Here is an outline of what to expect when hiring us and answers to the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers.

Q: How much does an exterior detail cost?
A: This depends on the service you would like. We will inspect your vehicle free of charge. However, here are some examples of pricing, but please note, we need to inspect the project before an accurate quote can occur.

  • Basic exterior detail. Without ceramic coating. This package includes a hand wash, paint correction and polish, high speed wax application, clean and polish wheels, tire dressing, window cleaning, and trim brightener. Prices range from $200-$500.
  • Supreme exterior detail with ceramic coat. This package includes all items listed in the basic package minus the wax, but also includes XPel ceramic coating on your paint. A ceramic coating is like adding another clear coat to your paint. It is a durable, clear finish and will last up to two full years. Prices range from $1000-$1400.
  • Ultimate exterior detail with ceramic coat, plus interior detail. Ceramic coat painted surfaces, ceramic coat wheels, ceramic coat windows, full interior detail including dressing and ceramic coat. This package includes all items listed in the basic and supreme package with the addition of wheels, and windows. Prices range from $1400-$2000.

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